Ania Bas' walking guide to Ridley Road is now live on Every Trail. Please click here to see the guide and/or download it to your phone. The walk takes you on an A-Z tour of the sights and smells of this fantastic East End market.

"The market smells of fish, cow hooves, ripe mangos, dyed fabric, Turkish coffee, spice and humans. You can come here to shop, to watch, to try things out, to breathe in aromas, to talk, to be inspired. Here people have real stories to tell and each bowl of fruit costs just a quid."  Ania Bas

This work was made by Ania Bas as part of Open Empty Spaces' Stalls and Traders project.

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Photograph: Sam Perry                                                         Photograph courtesy the artists
For more information about Stalls & Traders as a whole please see Stalls & Traders About. For documentation of Ania Bas' project on Ridley Road please see Stalls & Traders London. For documentation of Jeff Pigott & Julia Warin's installation at Newport Indoor Market please see Stalls & Traders Newport.
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2011 programme was supported by Elbow Room with financial assistance from the Arts Council of Wales.